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January 6, 2011

Fabric Letter (Tutorial)

I have been in the mood lately of ‘everything in my house needs to change’! Do you have those moments too? Well here is a fun project that can be FREE.
To start off this tutorial you need the following:
1. Cardboard in order to make your letter (or you can buy your letter from almost any craft store)
2. Fabric
3. Mod podge
4. Spray paint ( not required but helpful.. you’ll see why)
5. Strips of a magazine or newspaper
6. Flour and water
Ready..Set… Here we go!
For my ‘W’ I cut two pieces.  One for the front and one for the back. Then I taped it together with pieces in between to make it 3-D and stand by itself.
The tape doesn’t have to hold it together perfectly because we paper mache over it to make it strong.
Cut strips out of newspaper or a magazine. Mix 1c. flour to 1c. water and blend well.
This is the messy part. Especially is you have a 4 year old helping you!
Dip your strips in the mache and scrap off most of it before you put it on your letter.
Apply the pieces over your letter until it’s completely covered.
Once you are finished let it dry.
Here is where the spray paint takes place. Once my ‘W’ was dry I put a coat or 2 of white spray paint over it. I didn’t want any of the writing to show through my fabric. If you are using a dark fabric this isn’t necessary. Onto the fun part. Take your letter and lay it on top of your fabric. Cut around your letter leaving a good inch or so extra in order to wrap around your letter!
IMPORTANT: when you start to apply the fabric to the letter make sure you cover the BACK side first. This will make it so any seems are toward the back of the letter and not on the front side.
Apply a good coat of mod podge to the back side of your letter. Lay the fabric over and smooth it out.
Now you need to cut where is needed (like in the last pic) in order for the fabric to go into the creases of the shape. At the bottom on the W I cut a straight line.
For the top of the W I cut it as shown below. Use more mod podge where needed make sure all the ends are down nice and tight.
On all the sides fold your fabric so it creates a nice corner seam.
For the middle crease sections I just added pieces of fabric in. It doesn’t have to be perfect as most of it will be covered when we add the fabric to the FRONT of the letter.
Now the back of your letter, and middle crease parts should all be covered! Repeat the same steps for the FRONT of your letter. Make sure all your corners are folded nicely, then let it dry.
Add any embellishments you want and enjoy your new décor!
Feel free to email, or comment with any questions!!!
This will be saved on the tutorial page for quick reference.
FINAL fabric letter M

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