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November 10, 2010

From a shirt to a Cardi re-fashion (Tutorial)

shirt to cardi
I started with this older shirt. It was a perfect legth for a cardi, but you can use any shirt you have..or even find a thrift store one!
(if you look close you can see a bleach spot in the middle of the shirt, that’s why I decided to do this re-fashion)
Take the fabric you are going to use for the ruffle and cut 6” strips.
You can always cut them thicker or thinner, depending on what you want
6” strips… sew the strips together end to end….then iron flat
Fold the strip in half and sew along the edge to ruffle.
Use your long stitch length setting
Don’t push or pull the fabric through, just let your sewing machine do it’s job.
Once you are doing sewing pull the bobbin thread to ruffle.
Now that you have completed the ruffle part you need to cut your shirt. fold the shirt in half opposite of normal.
this means you are going to fold the left side seam to the right side seam. That make sense?
Once you have the shirt folded cut a straight line from the bottom of the shirt to the top!

Take your cut shirt and begin to pin your ruffle (right sides together) from one side of your shirt/ around and back down!
Then sew the ruffle onto the shirt and serge (if you have a serger)
Once your ruffle is attached flip the serge or raw edge under and either top stitch it down with a coordinating thread, or sew ribbon/lace etc onto the shirt. I had a larger rick rack and decided to sew that on for a little extra flair..
So what do you think?
Will you try making one?
If you make one will you email me a photo so I can see what you came up with??
until next time….

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  1. So cute! Great idea! I would love to see a picture of it being worn!

  2. i LOVE this!!! awesome idea!'s always nice to have something to throw on for a little warmth...thanks for the tute!

  3. Adorable! It must look lovely on you. Have a great day!

  4. Aubree- I will have to update this post with a picture of the cardi being worn soon! Thanks for the comment!!!

  5. this is very beautiful and seems like newly boutique


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