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January 31, 2011

The completed projects

As I promised over the weekend, I did finish the baby boy gifts for a friend! They were so fun, but time consuming. I do have to say I was happy with how they turned out!


First up….

I bought this plain onesie. I cut the saying out of freezer paper with my Cricut and painted it on! To match the onesie I made some comfy lounge pants minus the draw string part. The pants are made out of a soft minky type material.. I only wish I had enough fabric to make some for me Smile



As I said before this couple friend of ours is having their 1st boy! The husbands nickname is El’ Capitan.. so I thought for their little boy it was only fitting to have a little bib with the same nickname as Daddy!! (this was made to be a joke, but also something they could use down the road)


Last up…. and my most favorite sewing project to date!!!

I saw this blanket idea from here. Dana has an AMAZING blog which I follow daily! I have bought some super fun patterns from her as well, so go check out all her amazing tutorials etc!!

So this blanket is really fun to make, especially to see it come together. It takes A LOT of time FYI, but looks stunning when it’s complete! I will for sure make more of these down the road..but for now will give my eyes and fingers (which I snipped a piece of my pointer finger off in the process of making this) a rest!!


Isn’t this just amazing. If you can’t see I used 3 colored fabric’s to make the ‘chenille’ looking side. A solid brown, green and yellow!! Love Love love this blanket!

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