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November 3, 2010

Big Pocket Pants (tutorial)

Big pocket pants photo

Wear these for those special occasions…


or just for FUN!!



Here we go with the Big Pocket Pants tutorial

items needed:

                                                  -sewing machine

                                                  -approx. 1/2 yard fabric or less (depending on the size you make) & matching thread

                                                  -elastic for waistband


Cut your pants from your material. I used a pair of pants that Beckham currently wears. I also made the legs a little wider, you can choose how you want them to look. Make sure you cut 4 pieces~ 2 for the front/ and 2 for the back. You will also want the waist taller then normal so you have enough to fold over and make the waistband.


Sew butt seam on both the front and back pieces. So now you have two pieces that actually look like pants.

sew here

This is what the two sections should look like once you sew them together, don’t forget to serge or zig zag to keep the fabric from fraying.


Now that we have the main pant put together we need to make the pockets.

Let’s make the FRONT pockets first.. cut 4 of these pockets.


The next step is to make the pocket by sewing 2 pieces together. As you can see in the picture below you only sew THREE sides.

NOT all four sides.

Flip the pocket right side out and iron flat.


After you iron flat TOP STITCH just the top ‘curve’ section.

This is the part of the pocket that your hand goes into. The left side of this pocket will go directly into the side seam of your pants.


Now lets make the BACK POCKETS.. It’s a different shape of pocket, but we use the same steps.

                                        Cut 4 pieces.

Place two pieces right sides together and stitch around 3 sides, leaving the top ‘flat piece’ open.

Flip right side out/iron flat/ top stitch only top ‘flat’ part of pocket


WOW…we are getting close. Those pockets take a lot of time, but are you still with me?!?

Lets sew them onto the pants now!

FRONT POCKETS first.. Pin the pocket with the ‘curved’ section toward the top of the pant.

Pin pocket in place

(remember you still need to fold the waistband down, so don’t place the pockets too high)


Top stitch pocket in place by starting at the point of the top ‘curved’ section, continue down the pocket, and back to the outside seam

Does that make sense to all?!?


Complete front section with pockets attached


Now onto the BACK POCKETS..

Place on the back section where you want

(yes this picture was actually taken AFTER I sewed everything together..your pants won’t look like this just yet)

Once you have pinned in place sew 3 side (MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SEW THE TOP /straight section CLOSED)

Top/straight section should already have a top stitch done on it, this might help you remember to not sew it a second time.


Let’s finish this and put them on that cute child…..

Put front and back pant piece, right sides together.

Sew down each side of the pants, then through the crotch/inside leg.

Serge, zig zag, (or leave raw if need be)


turn pants right side out. Slightly cut the front of the waist a little lower then the back of the waist.

Then serge around, zig zag, or leave raw


Fold over waist band to make casing for the elastic.

Stitch around casing leaving a small opening to thread your elastic through.


Attach you elastic to a safety pin. Thread through your casing. Once the elastic meets up stitch it together, and top stitch your casing closed.


Serge or zig zag the bottom of your pants

Fold up and top stitch.

(if you leave raw, fold leg up 1/4 inch first then fold a second time so your raw edge is cased in.

Enjoy and pat yourself on the back for making it through my tutorial



Now go outside, and enjoy the last of these warm days!!



Don’t mind the runny nose. It was a little chiller then we thought.