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October 12, 2010

Did you think I would ever come back???

With the opening of this site, and summer almost at the same time. MBSPROUT took a backseat, so I could play in the warm sun with my kids. Now that summer is over I hope to buckle back down and add patterns, tutorials, ideas etc to my site... So, for some of your viewing pleasure here are a few recent projects...

This is a before after revamp: The CLOCK BEFORE..
AFTER: I painted the outside black and sanded the edges. Then I mod podge the fabric onto the clock backing and added the numbers onto, and top with more mod podge.
BEFORE: My husbands shirt that he doesn’t wear anymore.
AFTER: PJ lounge pants for my little boy (for some reason the color looks different,but it’s the same fabric)
*First time I have made felt flowers..they are so fun
*A fun circle skirt with the elastic showing. This top fabric is sheer with a white silk underneath.
You HAVE to spin when you wear it too!!!

My new annual tradition. Glitter pumpkins!!!
This is my most favorite project as of recent! The WALL.. I wish I had come up with this idea on my own, but I didnt! This awesome site is where I got the template and instructions from. I was nervous to see how it would turn out..but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
Caramel apple! I had to practice since this weekend I will be making 12 of these babies for gift’s at my daughter’s B-day party!!

THE END… more to come soon!!!!!!

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  1. So many cute projects! I love the Wall the most!


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