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May 5, 2010

Nursing Cover

Our nursing cover provides maximum comfort and privacy while nursing or pumping. Our cover has a length of 25" and a width of 36", which fully covers mom and baby. Fabric is 100% light weight cotton. Covers are machine washable cold on delicate cycle, hang to dry. Flexible boning provides a small window for you to see your baby easily. Silver metal D-rings allow you to customize the neck strap to your needs.You can choose a single fabric cover or a double fabric cover as pictured. You also have the option to add a flower which is removable to make washing your cover easy.
DSC01785All Fabrics   
**Please Note**
When purchasing a SINGLE FABRIC COVER choose your fabric under the 'single fabric cover' box and mark 'N/A' in the 'double fabric cover' box.

When purchasing a DOUBLE FABRIC COVER choose your main fabric under the 'single fabric cover' box and your border fabric in the 'double fabric cover' box.

Thank you!

Nursing Cover options
Single Fabric cover
Double Fabric cover

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